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Savoury Flavours

Wonderful concentrated high-impact savoury flavours for a wide range of applications. Specialist culinary top-note flavours are available. Please contact us if the savoury flavour you need is not on the list.

Simply click on a flavour for more detailed information or to request a sample.
Please Note: The majority of our flavours are available as liquid or powder.

Flavour Desc. Type Product Range Code
an all encompassing herb and spice blend Powder HeartZ 11795
Apple, Spicy Sweet spice & green Powder HeartZ 12324
Barbeque Savory and meaty, slightly smokey Liquid HeartZ 09882
Beef Roast beef juices Powder HeartZ 01431
Beef High roast - outside of meat Powder HeartZ 01088
Beef Roast Powder HeartZ 01059
Beef Juicy roast. Slight gravy & BBQ note. Powder HeartZ 00878
Beef High roast beef with a fatty stock note Liquid KeyZ 01164
Birdseye Chilli Extract Authentic natural fresh ripe chilli spice notes Liquid Organic 00260
Bread Fresh baked Powder HeartZ 12487
Butter Creamy rich butter Liquid HeartZ 11425
Butter Typical notes Liquid HeartZ 12228
Butter Sweet and creamy Powder HeartZ 11703
Cheese Mild and creamy Powder HeartZ 11972
Cheese, Blue Mild and creamy Powder HeartZ 08747
Cheese, Gruyere Creamy Powder HeartZ 11869
Cheese, Mature Cheddar Mature ripe English type with marked acidity Powder HeartZ 12329
Cheese, Parmesan Mature & creamy Powder HeartZ 11990
Chicken Roast Powder HeartZ 00896
Chicken Roast white meat, juicy & sweet Powder HeartZ 01651
Chicken Juicy chicken stock type Liquid KeyZ 01434
Chicken Strong balanced roast chicken with fatty and roast skin notes Liquid KeyZ 01167
Chicken Chicken meat and roast skin Powder HeartZ 01645
Chilli Hot pepper, spicy dry Powder HeartZ 12341
Cranberry Natural Beautifully balanced sweetness and astringency of ripe cranberry 'superfruit'. Liquid HeartZ 12252
Cranberry Natural Powder with juice and astringency typical of fresh cranberry 'superfruit'. Powder HeartZ 12891
Cream Fresh single cream Powder HeartZ 12446
Fat Typical cooked meat fat notes Powder HeartZ 12488
Gammon/Ham Grilled & slightly smoky Powder HeartZ 00301
Gammon/Ham Boiled gammon, slightly smoky Powder HeartZ 01424
Gammon/Ham Savoury, fatty Powder HeartZ 01671
Gammon/Ham Pink gammon/ham, slightly smoky cure Liquid KeyZ 01201
Garlic Fresh, clean natural note Powder HeartZ 12339
Ginger Extract Liquid Organic 00178
Grill, Apple-wood Apple wood charcoal grill Powder HeartZ 11151
Grill, Chargrill Liquid HeartZ 12639
Grill, Char-Grill Charcoal grilled notes Powder HeartZ 10788
Grill, Cherry-wood Cherry wood charcoal grill Powder HeartZ 11152
Grill, Mesquite Mesquite wood, charcoal grill Powder HeartZ 11052
Hickory Grill Hickory wood charcoal grill Powder HeartZ 11153
Hickory Smoke A smoke flavouring of Hickory style Liquid HeartZ 12216
Honey Aroma FTNF Rich sweet Liquid KeyZ 12235
Lamb Roasted meat with fatty notes Powder HeartZ 01115
Leek Fresh and green Powder HeartZ 10227
Lime Natural Zesty & juicy Liquid HeartZ 10494
Malt Natural Typical malty flavour Liquid Organic 10780
Maple Toffee,fudge notes, syrupy Liquid HeartZ 11975
Meat Enhancer Savory stock notes for all meats Powder HeartZ 01675
Mesquite Mesquite smoke with grill notes Liquid HeartZ 12290
Milk, Fresh Fresh, creamy full-cream milk Powder HeartZ 12444
Mushroom Cooked mushroom Powder HeartZ 12328
Onion Pungent, fresh Powder HeartZ 11106
Onion Savoury, pickled Powder HeartZ 11699
Orange Zest & fresh juice Powder HeartZ 12471
Orange Natural Waxy, fresh Liquid HeartZ 12323
Orange Natural Zesty, fresh and juicy Liquid HeartZ 11944
Oxtail Oxtail meat, tomato,vegetable notes Powder HeartZ 01519
Pomegranate Natural Powder flavour with refreshing notes typical of fresh pomegranate fruit & juice. Powder HeartZ 12889
Pork Roast, sweet white meat, fat notes Powder HeartZ 01685
Potato Skin, boiled Powder HeartZ 10727
Red Pepper Pimento, sweet, fresh, juicy Powder HeartZ 12379
Rhubarb Natural Wonderful rhubarb fresh green and juicy notes. Liquid HeartZ 12557
Roast Roasted, fatty meat note Powder HeartZ 12489
Roast Meat Strong rich roast meats Liquid KeyZ 01017
Rosemary & Thyme Mediterranean herbs Liquid HeartZ 12325
Smoke Strong smoky flavour Powder HeartZ 11824
Smoke Hickory type smoke Powder HeartZ 14075
Smoke Standard smoke Liquid HeartZ 00147
Sweetcorn Sweet,canned Liquid HeartZ 11768
Tomato Fresh green Powder HeartZ 08480
Tomato & Herb Savoury, typical fresh tomato Powder HeartZ 12327
Worcestershire Sauce Natural Authentic natural top notes and sophisticated fermented flavours Powder HeartZ 12431

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