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Smoke-Free Flavourings

By 29th May 2024No Comments

Smoke-Free Flavourings

Regulations on smoke flavours are changing. Keep your product range compliant with our range of flavouring alternatives.

Smokey BBQ Sauce

Smoke flavourings play a crucial role in many foods and drinks, offering the cherished smoky aroma and barbecue or woody notes that traditionally come from smoking methods

With EU regulations for Smoke flavourings changing it is expected the UK will soon follow suit. Leaving food and drink manufacturers looking for smoke alternatives.

At H E Stringer Flavours we have developed a new range of Natural and Artificial Flavourings that are impressive Smoke alternatives.

Smoke, BBQ Meat Smoke, BBQ Brown sauce

Smoke Options

We can offer Flavourings on a range of bases making them suitable for all applications; water soluble, oil soluble and fat dispersible in both liquid and powder formats.

Smoke flavouring is widely used to impart a smoky taste to various food and drinks, enhancing their flavour complexity. It is commonly added to meats, cheeses, sauces, and beverages, providing a barbecue, grill, woody (oak, applewood, hickory or mesquite) aroma and taste without traditional smoking methods. This offers convenience and versatility in culinary applications.

Incorporate the taste and aroma of smoke in your food and drink products while keeping your range compliant. Contact us at 01442 822 621 or email sales@stringer-flavour.com to discuss your requirements today.

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