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Vegan Approved

By 8th June 2020April 6th, 2023No Comments

Vegetarian Society Approved

For a variety of Health reasons people choose a Vegan diet, the outcome remains the same – they want to be reassured their food is completely meat-free, in addition to being delicious and varied.

H E Stringer Flavours is offering a conscientious effort for ethical business, societal demands, and business-consumer awareness.  Veganism is growing the need for a societal standard that is prompting manufacturers and businesses to re-examine their practices, materials and policies when it comes to healthy consumer-conscious foods

In February 2020, H E Stringer Flavours Ltd was accredited by the Vegetarian Society. With over 3000 flavourings approved with the Vegan trademark, our customers can rest assured that they are all suitable.

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