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Flavour Specialists helping you select the best flavours for your food and drink products since 1955.

Premium quality and BRC certification, giving you assurance and peace of mind.

We source the best raw materials from around the world to lovingly craft into our Natural Flavours and Organic Extracts. Giving consistently great taste to your food & drink products.

Many of our flavours & extracts can be processed with Organic (Bio) certification, and we can supply vanilla extracts with third-party verified Madagascan origin if required.

Our site in Tring, Hertfordshire, operates under a GFSI quality system graded AA* with the British Retail Consortium Global Food Safety Standard. Ensuring compliant quality products for the Food & Drink Industry.

60 years of history wrapped up in every flavouring ingredient - for your customers to enjoy.

We have been formulating flavouring ingredients for over 60 years and in that time thousands of flavour variations have been supplied to the food industry.

Our extensive range of Natural Flavourings & Extracts covers all food and drink applications. These products have been optimised for quality, flavour profile and mouth feel over the decades – all this experience is wrapped up in the products we manufacture each day and that your customers enjoy.

We want you to have easy access to this amazing resource for your NPD and existing product lines. Browse our catalogue of Liquid or Powder Flavourings & Extracts.

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Flexible production to meet your flavour requirements.

We operate two purpose built extraction lines of our own design offering flexible batch production of speciality extracts from only 25KGs, up to single batches of over 1,000KGs.

In addition to production capabilities for large-scale manufacturing, we have a dedicated ‘Small batch service’ to handle orders with an MOQ from only 1kg.

This ensures that our customers of all sizes and stages of development can benefit from the valuable resource that H E Stringer Flavours has become known for.

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Introduction to Flavours

What is a flavour?
A flavour is a mixture compounded from natural and/or synthetic aromatic substances. Used in manufacture of food & drink products – a flavouring is designed to impart, modify, enhance or mask odour and/or taste in foodstuffs or beverages.

Demand for Natural Flavouring and Organic Certified ingredients has grown over the years and Stringer Flavour have been at the forefront of compliance and product development over this time.

What is a flavour used for?

To Impart – Primarily a flavouring is used to impart or enhance the named flavour.

To Replace – It can also be used to replace flavour where this has been lost as a result of harsh processing conditions.

To Mask – Flavourings are also used to mask unpleasant tastes or odours.

Browse Flavour Categories

A quick way to view specific types of flavours, such as Fruit, Berry, Cheese, Meat etc. We have developed thousands of formulations over our decades of experience.

Selecting the right Flavour

It is important to be able to detect the basic sensory elements using taste. There are four basic tastes: sweet, sour, salt, bitter.

There is a close interaction between smell and taste; approximately 60% of taste is directly attributed to odour. When swallowing, air from the mouth is forced up through the nasal cavity into contact with the olfactory nerve.

Carry out sensory evaluation
Only the human brain can integrate all the sensations of appearance, aroma, taste, sound and mouth feel which contribute to the flavour of a food or drink.

Humans are more sensitive to differences in colour, aroma, flavour and texture than machines. After all, the final product must be acceptable to humans. When assessing a flavour you are not just evaluating an attribute but need to think about how the attribute affects the whole product.

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