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All great food products are defined by their flavour, good taste lingers in the memory.

Harry StringerFounder-1955

Manufacturers of Toffee flavouring for the Food & Drink industry.

We are flexible, compliant manufacturers of toffee flavourings. Able to offer a range of natural flavouring formats for food & drink ingredient applications. In addition to our toffee flavouring products we have a standard range of 900 flavourings of all types supplied worldwide to food and drink businesses.

Stringer Flavours also produce variations of toffee flavour such as ‘Toffee Apple’, ‘Toffee Caramel’, ‘Butter Toffee’, ‘Banoffee’, ‘Dark Toffee’ and more.

Toffee flavour pairs well with Banana, Apple, Cake, Ice Cream, Walnuts, Hazelnut, Latte, Popcorn, Biscuit etc.

Toffee became popular in England and Western Europe due to high supplies of butter and is now enjoyed all over the world. As a confection toffee is made by caramelising sugar or molasses with butter and sometimes flour. This mixture is heated to around 149 to 154 degrees C.

Experienced at product development for demanding and novel flavouring applications. Our modern manufacturing facilities and labs offer efficient flavour & extract production from small batches to 10 tonnes. This small batch service offers a flexible solution for market pilots, seasonal and niche products.

Flavour Expertise
  • Specialist flavour manufacturers
  • Natural taste specialists
  • Exceptional GFSI AA+ quality compliance
  • Compliance and expertise for enhancing animal foods
  • Liquids, powders or extracts
  • Water, oil or fat compatibility
  • Heat resistance
Toffee Taste Notes
  • Sweet, buttery, caramel, burnt, sugar, nutty, molasses, rich
Toffee Applications
  • Bakery, confectionary, chocolate,  ice cream & dairy, drinks
  • Nutritional and sports drinks, tea’s, pharmaceutical, hard sweets, snacks
Stringer Flavours

Flavouring Solutions For Food & Drink

Liquid Flavouring

We create, manufacture and supply a considerable range of liquid “Natural Flavourings” and “Flavourings”. A range of solubility solutions is offered, particularly with resistance to high-heat processes, acid applications, and use with sweeteners or tastes requiring masking.

Powder Flavouring

Our sweet or savoury powder flavourings are freshly manufactured to order with no use of heat, for optimum aromatics on delivery. Aromatics are preserved in foil laminate valve packaging for protection and long product life. We manufacture highly concentrated powder Flavourings or Natural powder Flavourings in quantities of 3KGs to 3 tonnes supplied to powder and seasoning blenders throughout the food industry.

Natural & Organic Extracts

We process a wide range of natural and/or certified Organic extracts for beer, gin, vodka, ready-to-drink tea and coffee drinks, fruit juices and desserts, ice-cream and dairy products. We process botanical extracts in quantities from 25Kgs upward. We are developing new varieties using ultrasonic extractions techniques.